sexta-feira, 18 de maio de 2007

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Henrique disse...

Hello Carol,
I'am Henrique I'm eleven years old.
I'm from Uberlândia and my best friend is Gabriel.
My favorite number is 26 and my favorite T-shirt is black
Who is your best friend ?
How old are you
Love from,

otavio augusto disse...

heloo!! marcos henrique

I am otavio and I m 10 years old
I m from uberlandia and my best friend is gustavo
my favourite nunber is 8 and my favourite colour is white my favourite t shirt is white

what's is favourite colour?
love from tavin

Gabrielle disse...

hello Herrique
I'm Gabrielle and i'm 11 years old.
I'm from uberlândia and my best friend is Ana Carolina .
My favorit number is 19 and my favorit color is black.My favorit T-shirt is withe.
Who's your favorit color?
Who's your best friend?
love from,

Julia disse...

Hello Camila ,

I´m Julia and i´m 10 years old

I´m from Uberlândia and my best friend is Micaela, she´s 10 years old too.

My favourite number is 20 and my favourite colour is shine black .

My favourite T-shirt is Black and Gold ...

Love from

Carol Bock disse...

Hello Otávio

i am Ana Carolina and i am 10years old.
I am fromUberlâdia and my best friend is Gabrielle.
My favorite nunber is 28 and myfavoite color is green. My favourite T-shirt is green.
Who is your best friend?
Love from

Giulia disse...

Hello Regio,

I am Giulia and i am 10 years old.
Iam from Uberlândia and my best friend is Paula.
My favorite number is 8 and my favorite coluor is purple.
My favorite t-shirt is purple.
What is your favorite number?
What is your favorite coluor?
Love from

Camila disse...


I an Camila and i'm 12 years old.
I'm from Uberlãndia and my best friend is Isabela. My favorite color is purple and my favorite number is 18.
My favorite t-shirt is black.
what is your favorite color?
what color is your favorite t- shirt?

love from,Camila

Marcos henrique disse...

Hello Julia.

I am Marcos Henrique and I'm eleven years old.
I´m from Uberlândia and my best friend is _.
My favourite number is five and my favourite colour is green.My favourite T-sirt is blue.

Love from,
Marcos Henrique

Gabriela disse...

Hello Giulia.
I am Gabriela and I'm 10 years old.
I'm from Uberlândia and my best friends are Amanda and Yasmin.
My favorite number is 9 and my favorite colour is white
My favorite T- shirt is white.
What's your favorite colour and what colour is your school bag?
Love from, Gabriela

Régio disse...

hello gabriela

I'm Régio and I'm eleven years old.I'm from uberlândia and my best friend is bruno.
My favouriti number is five and, my favouriti colour is black.My favouriti T-shirt is greem and yellow.
Who your best friend?
How old are you?

Love From Régio

Ana Carolina disse...




mariana disse...

my name's mariana.I'm 10 years old and I'm from Uberlândia, best friend is juliana, favourite number is 23. my favourite colour is pink and my favourite t-shirt is ble.

who's your best friend? what's your favourite number?

love from,

DAnubia disse...

Hello Victor,
My name's Danubia. I am 25 years old and I am your teacher. My favourite colour is pink and my best friend is my husbanda Douglas.
Who is your best friend? What is your favourite colour?
Love from

Isabella disse...

hello mariana ,
my name,s isabella,i am 9 years old and.i am from Uberlândia,brasil
.my best friend is favorite number is favorite color is yellow and my favorite t- shirt is yellow.
who is your best friend?
what is your favourite colour?
love from,

Victor disse...

Hello Ana Carolina
My name is Victor, i am eleven years old and i am form Uberlândia,Minas Gerais.
My favorite colour is green and my favorite t-shirt is blac.
My best friend is Alex and my favorite number is seven.
I have three dogs,Pituka,Dalila and Samsão and a cat,Napoleão.
You have a dog or cat?
What is your favorite number?

Love,from Victor

mariana disse...

hello, isabella love carta my best friend is juliana and my favurite colour is pink bye

mariana rtespondeu a carta de isabella

LORENA disse...

Hello Izabella,
My name's Lorena and I'm 9 years old. My favourite colour is pink and my favourite number is 16. My favourite t- shirt is green.
Wha's your favourite number?
How old are you?
Love from,

Lorena disse...

Hello Izabella,
My name's Lorena and I'm 9 years old. My favourite colour is pink and my favourite number is 16. My favourite shirt is green. What is your favourite colour?
How old are you?
Love from,

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